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Robert Malt, CM&AA

Robert Malt is the founder and president of Malt & Company, Inc. (founded 2002), which provides business appraisal, business sale, merger & acquisition advisory, and exit planning services.  He holds the CM&AA (Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor) certification from AM&AA (Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors).

Mr. Malt graduated from the University of Maryland, Smith Graduate School of Business with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).  Mr. Malt graduated from Babson College with a Bachelor of Science, cum laude, in 1995, with a double major in finance and marketing, and a minor in literature.

Walt T. Bowman, IM&A, M&AP

Walt Bowman is an experienced and results-driven senior executive with more than 4 decades of business experience.  Mr. Bowman has proven expertise in maximizing productivity, market share expansion, bottom-line profitability, mergers/acquisitions and building business value.  He has worked with Fortune 500 companies in management positions, for some of the nation’s largest financial institutions and has served as President/CEO of subsidiaries of publicly-traded holding companies.

Mr. Bowman holds the IM&A (International Mergers & Acquisitions Expert) certification from the The Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances.  He also holds the M&AP (Mergers & Acquisitions Professional) certification and is a VALUEMAX certified advisor with MAUS Software.  He graduated from Tennessee Wesleyan College, Athens, Tennessee with a Bachelors of Science (BS) in Accounting.